Thursday, January 15, 2009

I guess I need to

I read this caucasia book. I guess I should read more often because many of you liked this book, which is fine, but it feel like I'm missing out on something. The book wasn't bad but when I recall on what has happend throught the story I can't really think of anything I liked about this book. Sure, at least it was a normal story, and Birdie meating up with cole was as heart warming as ever but that dosn't make this a good story. Maybe I'm just not considering the themes and how they relate to my own life, but how do the themes relate to the book. I relieze the question sounds stupid but they mentioned hair fifty times in that book, so what? They mentioned music a lot, ok. They said the word invisible a lot, probably because birdie... felt... invisible... being two different races... .... I really have no idea. I guess this all goes back to me complaining about close reading, but I don't know if I should of been complaining because now that I think about it, the short stories were better than this book, why? Because Cacausia is just a very long short story. Nothing really happens and all it has is a few intersting scenes and a subtle message, it has both of the short story charactoristics. Again, I guess I should read more, because unlike some people who can appreciate these things, I really can't. 


Winnie K said...

hey mikey

i have to say that I get more out of a short story than I do the books we read in class. Reading a book like Caucasia, needs alot of processing and with our busy lives, no one really wants to do that. Also, it also goes with personal taste and sometimes what you put in is what you get out.

aleeshaKo said...

Mikey, you make me laugh.

You're right, it was like a long short story...but that's what makes it a novel, aka a long story! Woo! So here's the thing, I don't think you need to read more, maybe spell more though =)


Jenny O said...

Mikey, i'm with you on the hair thing, I still haven't caught onto what that signifies. If other people in our class didn't catch these things I wouldn't think twice about it. Good call. But I thought it was good. For a long short story.

Brittanya said...

to be honest i really agree.

It was an ok book. Like, it wasn't like Metamorphasis, which was completly painful to read.

However, nothing stuck out in the book. It was just chapter after chapter, then an end. BORING.

Lindsey R said...

I agree with your post.
I feel like the book lead up to a big disappointment leaving us with unanswered questions.

Overall i thought the book was pretty good